In rememberence

In rememberence

My son got this tattoo when Riley was sick in the hospital a few days before he went to the bridge.
Love the artwork. Boy..did that hurt? I have wanted to get a little tattoo but have been too chicken.
Well I'm not sure, when I asked him (son) he said it didn't.. although it's his 4th tattoo. and sinces its of Riley I love this one.. a couple of his others not so much.. I think the Tattoo artisit did a pretty good job from just seeing a photo and did it all free hand. but as for me.. I'm too chicken to get one myself too.. something about needles I don't even like getting shots.. so I guess tattoos are out for me..
What a beautiful job. I am crying while I read this. I shudder to think how much you must miss him. Your son was really special to this dog I can tell.
beautiful tattoo. It truly shows how much love your son and Riley shared and continue to share. Great picture!!!
It is so touching...Just want to tell you that I adore you and your son (and your family) for this...I know how much you love your Riley.
I love all your post about your wonderful Riley Boy...I am sure that he is now playing with my Fritz at the Rainbow Bridge.
Wow! How beautiful. I am glad to know my Vexxor is playing at the bridge with such a loved boxer.

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