cooling down

cooling down

Sergeant sitting in front of the fan trying to get cool in our 35 degree c. weather.
Ahh, they know just where to sit to get that refreshing breeze. Very cute!
How sweet, I cant believe he actually lies in front of the fan, Elvis runs away from ours and barks at it.

Thank you for lookign at Elvis's Pic, he used to waer is parker coat out although only for a couple of months as he has grown soooooooo much in a short space but will keep it for sentimental use!
Yup, my Cooper does just the same when it's hot and sticky. He squits his eyes against the breeze then stares at the fan for a while before settling down in front of it.
Love the picture in front of the fan ....hes loving it as my white one does the same in the summer

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