Amazing Flying Dog

Amazing Flying Dog

This is an actual picture I managed to catch when we were playing in the woods. He came running toward me and I just managed to take the picture at the perfect moment! He is my flying dog.
Lmao For some unusual reason this picture reminds me of star wars, the episode with the ewoks in it. Luke and Laya ride on those hover motorcycle things well they should of used your baby instead because he's a lot nicer lookin then other things. *lol* don't even ask I have a weird imagination.
Yes, Jerseydawg, I see exactly what you mean. I remember that scene well! We will have to contact George Lucas for the next Star Wars Installment!
We will for for sure call him then, just lemme try to teach Jersey to fly so he can be in the movie too *LOL*
p.s. I really liked the ewoks I wish I could have one. hehe
I am a little late on the conversation but I think you are right!!!! He should be on Star Wars!!!

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