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What are the common traits of Boxers? Click here to discover them!


New to dog shows?

What is a dog show? How to start showing? What are Specialty Shows? What to do for the Show time? What is a pedigree? Julie answered to all your questions in the show area!

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  Welcome to Boxer World!  

He is the clown of the dog fraternity, canines answer to vaudeville. A laugh a minute, lives life to the fullest, a maximum velocity version of canine slapstick. But he is also a sympathetic soul, a shoulder to cry on, a confidante. He is all that is good in a dog. He is of course The Boxer (from the article Canine Clowns by Matthew Cowley)

Terramoto (Nov 2/06-Nov 5/11)

Welcome to! is the ultimate resource on the World Wide Web to showcase these and other wonderful attributes of our great friend the boxer. At Boxerworld we understand the need and desire to share with the world all the fabulous anecdotes that are waiting to be told about this magnificent creature - The Boxer. is, and aims to remain, the foremost boxer "information booth" online with over 62,000 members. It is even the largest boxer dog site. We offer expert advice in training, showing, feeding and anything else that is of interest to boxerphiles! If we don't supply the answer at Boxerworld, we find it out for you!, in line with our claims and aims, is pleased to be able to offer The Boxerworld Forums in order to assist in its function as education arena and story tellers delight. Boxer stories that is!


If your boxer chases flies
Or gives those heavy sighs
Soulful eyes to view you sadly
Before kidney beaning madly

Maybe jumps high in the air
Sleep and snore without a care
With a faith that is unerring
Despite what is occuring

If he tries to swim but sinks
If he's silly but, still thinks
If he loves you like a child
And is sometimes just as wild

There's a story to be told
Of boxers young, of boxers old
And it's here they get unfurled
At our own place, Boxerworld!!

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